Had to set aside Martin The Warrior by Brian Jacques about 1/3 of the way through.

I keep coming back to the Redwall books every year or so, because I loved the TV series as a kid, and enjoyed the books then as well.

But every time I crack them open as an adult, I’m reminded of how much better suited they are for a younger me.

Every story is extremely well-written (Jacques originally started the series to cater to blind children, so his use of crafting visuals with words is well-honed). But the black & white morality of the characters makes the stories too predictable, and the characters (while charming for the most part) are usually remixes of characters from previous books.

All in all, they’re great books, but just not very compelling to me any more.

I started this course back at the very end of April to get a thorough understanding of all the fundamental and advanced concepts.

There’s no telling how many hours I’ve spent practicing over nights, weekends, and days off, but likely at least 100.

So glad to be finished with this project and move on to further my understanding of Vue and React. 👨‍💻

Finished Stephen King’s The Mist, and I was pretty darn impressed.

The sense of foreboding is real, especially at the beginning, and the story telling is SO tight.

It was the perfect length with a great cliffhanger ending! 📖


Finished The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern (The Cat Who… #2) 📖


Our hero dives into another esoteric art scene (interior decorating), inherits another apartment, and another cat! He also (maybe?) finds love.

Another good twist as to who was the killer, but the B-plot murder was far more interesting the A-plot murder.