Dropped Enterprise: The First Adventure by Vonda McIntyre 📖

About 1/3 of the way through, lots of details were being filled in of the bridge crew back stories. Unfortunately, the plot was just too slow to give it any more effort.


Finished * Star Trek: Picard - Last Best Hope* by Una McCormack 📖

Excellent set up to the series, which I think may have been a better story for the beginning of the show, to be honest.


Reading update!

Prior to my giant eBay book haul, I read the second Stargate Atlantis novel, Reliquary. It was just okay, in the sense that as a hostage/takeover “episode” it wasn’t all that gripping. The transformation and miraculous revival of Sheppard was predictable.


The first package that arrived from my book haul was an assortment of the first half of the “Cat Who…” series. I dove into and finished the first one in a weekend, The Cat Who Could Read Backwards, loved it, and am eager to tear into the next book once I get a couple Star Trek novels finished.


Speaking of Star Trek novels, I already owned this one, but I hadn’t got around to it for a while until this weekend: Fear Itself from the Discovery series tie-ins.

DISCO as a TV show is a fairly good series that’s markedly evolving for the better, both in terms of entertainment and messaging.

Saru’s character arc is probably the most engaging to me, because he’s constantly at war with his inner critic. We’re led to believe this is a genetic/biological trait inherent in his species, and I’m not sure if I completely buy that, but regardless of the origin, he’s repeatedly overcome the fear that constantly threatens his readiness as a Starfleet officer.

In this book, his efforts result in some pretty dire consequences for the Shenzhou crew and two other races, but witnessing the recovery and growth that takes place between all three is really fascinating.


Alrighty, I just launched the placeholder for MisterSpock.Rocks! 🖖

I plan to put lots of media, trivia, book reviews, links to other fan sites, and tons of Trekkie goodness there in the coming weeks.

The domain was cheap as hell ($3 for the first year), and I’m hosting on GitHub Pages for free, so not only will it be a fun side project, but I’ll get to run it for next to nothing!

I think I’m going to build a Star Trek fan site. I have so many ideas for content, and it will be very Spock-centric. Wish me luck! 🖖🙂