So what am I working on these days?

I’ve been in web development for 12 years on the front-end, but really stagnated in the last couple of years, so I’m looking to rectify that.

Currently, I’m taking a comprehensive JavaScript course that’s about 52 hours long. It’s taught by the fabulous Maximilian Schwarzmueller, and I’m about halfway through.

Prior to that, I was taking a shorter course by Jonas Schmedtmann after completing his excellent Advanced CSS course, but it turned out to be very outdated and sort of took a nosedive halfway through.

My goal is to really get comfortable with vanilla JS, then dive into React, then the MERN stack.

I’m also interested in developing a couple of web apps for my own purposes, including:

  • An app that pulls a list of the complete run of a TV series into a checklist, for marking off watched episodes, and generating a random liked episode to watch
  • A streamlined version of a previous app I developed for generating stories (more detail on that later)
  • A character generator based on Reckless Deck (this was another app I developed, but could never get it working right because I didn’t have the knowledge to make it work)

Beyond that, I’m interested in the idea of learning Phaser, which is a JS framework for developing HTML5 games. I love hidden object games, so I’m curious what it would be like to create my own.